Transformation is not something we do to our clients. Rather, it is a shared journey - a challenging and ambitious venture with a mutual goal: dramatic improvements in financial and operating performance


Nasim Athir -  Managing Director
We do not believe in management fads, or one-off programs which do not deliver long term benefits. We see change as an ongoing process, an integral part of your organization. It is a philosophy of building on what has gone before, never satisfied with what exist today, striving for what the future holds.

Our commitment is to develop a partnership with you to achieve long-lasting results in areas of strategic importance for your organization, at a scale and pace you otherwise could not achieve alone.
To give you the edge to differentiate your product, processes or market.

Your needs are analyzed and your expectations explored and articulated. Each client project is designed not only to produce some tangible, quantifiable results it also expands the capability of client to tackle increasingly ambitious projects with growing competence.

Our role is not over until you realize the desired business results.

Course  and Training
Crew Training and Course
  • food & beverage preparation and serving worker
  • front desk representative
  • guestroom attendant
  • banquet server
  • food service technician
Supervisor & Management Training and Course
  • shift and floor control management : basic supervision, communication skills, problem solving model, control sheet and checklist
  • customer satisfaction oriented : customer recovery, handling complaint, responding and assisting sensitive issue
  • goal, objective, and action plan workshop : SWOT analysis, priority judgment, worksheet and accountability
  • building market share plan : sales building, trading area analysis, market survey, community involvement, promotion execution, visibility and accessibility
  • managing for profit : projecting sales and transaction, break even analysis, ordering and inventory system, controlling food and beverage cost, controlling operational cost
  • accountability report : profit and loss statement worksheet, profitability model, performance audit
  • product development : menu engineering, developing recipe and new product, quality assurance
  • people development : employee performance update and review, appraisal system, training system improvement
  • standard operating procedure : set up and workshop


Operations Performance Management

Training System Performance Management
Customer Relationship Management
Finance Performance
Strategy and Business Architecture
Supply Chain Management

Steering and Organizing
Restaurant, Hotel, and Retail Business Plan

Restaurant, Hotel, and Retail Opening

Franchising Management

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our role is not over until you realize the desired business results