Transformation is not something we do to our clients. Rather, it is a shared journey - a challenging and ambitious venture with a mutual goal: dramatic improvements in financial and operating performance

Overview of profitability

The ultimate measure of success for any business is its ability to make a profit. Each day money enters the business in the form of sales and leaves the business in the form of expenses. The expensess are the costs of operating or growing your business. If sales are greater than expenses, the business is profitable. If expenses are greater than sales, the business is not profitable.

Opportunities for profitability exist in all areas of your restaurant, whether you are handling cash or positioniong your crew members. This chapter describes the policies and procedures as well as measures you can take to optimize your profits in three major areas:
  • Administrative tasks
  • On-the-floor operations
  • Finacial statements

Detailed procedures and guidelines give you the information you need to fine-tune your operation and identify areas that require immediate attention. In addition, you'll learn how to gather and review information from previous days and weeks that can help you develop strategies for improving future operations and profit.

Helpful suggestions throughout the chapter focus primarily on ways to manage your food and labor costs - the largest expenses in your restaurant. However, you'll also find many other ideas on decreasing costs and improving profits in virtually all areas of your restaurant's operations.

our role is not over until you realize the desired business results